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SingSMART™ Singing Lesson Curriculums

There are a variety of training programs to choose from to suit your teaching needs. Sometimes a single tool will suffice and other situations require a combination of vocal training tools. If you have any questions about these curriculums or how they will work for you, please visit our Help Desk. To purchase, please visit SingSmart.com. For questions or personal assistance, please visit Coach Yvonne on Facebook.

These singing training programs are sold to teachers in packs of five at a discounted price. We suggest you require a curriculum for your students and resell to them at the suggested retail price, increasing your profit per student in a way that will benefit both of you! Please see our Business Tips for Voice Teachers for ideas on running a successful and profitable vocal training studio.

Teaching Singing with Singing Is Easy!

Singing Is Easy - Basic Foundations of Singing (200 page book / 2 audio CDs, CD-Rom Interactive Software)

What: Comprehensive curriculum that is easy to read, yet has specific details on vocal mechanics. Teacher can cover the most important vocal mechanic material in each lesson chapter and then assign the reading material to fill in the blanks. Each chapter contains a quiz at the end to test comprehension. This course also includes information on performance and musicianship. Course was designed for each student to choose at least three songs (any style) to apply the information learned during performance.

Who: This program was designed to fit many teaching situations. Perfect curriculum for college vocal pedagogy classes, excellent manual for class voice and makes teaching private lessons easier than ever before. Students take responsibility for their own knowledge and information provided helps them understand what they have to do to make desired improvements. Excellent reference and resource. Recommended for ages 13+ (eighth grade).



Teaching Singing with You Can Sing with Impact

You Can Sing with Impact - Daily Vocal Warm-up Workout

What: Audio singing lesson program with contemporary vocal exercises. Provides the basic vocal mechanics in an easy-to-understand audio format. Exercise guides are also provided in booklet for easy reference.

Who: This program was designed especially for the singer who learns things from listening and doesn't care to study a book. Very convenient as the first CD contains an audio lesson and related vocal warm-up, while the second CD contains only the vocal warm-ups making it easy for the teacher to structure lessons and for the student to practice without interruption. Approved for ages 7+.


Teaching Singing with Affordable Singing Lessons

Affordable Singing Lessons - Fast & Funky Vocal Warm-up

What: This vocal training program is perfect for all ages. It contains basic vocal training information, which elementary teachers have used with great success, and yet the information is valuable for singers of any age. The included vocal warm-up is contemporary, fun and a bit funky. It warms up the singer from beginning to end - relaxation and breathing to full scales. Great for a classroom activity or a personal warm-up routine.

Who: Everyone looking for basic information, a fun classroom activity or a fun to use vocal warm-up. If you want information on singing, but don't want ALL the nitty-gritty details and just want to have some fun with simple, easy-to-understand, vocal activity...this is the program for you and your students.


Teaching Singing Class with the Fast & Funky Vocal Warm-up CDG

Fast & Funky Vocal Warm-up DVD - Karaoke Style

What: This is the Fast & Funky Vocal Warm-up Karaoke Style. Warm-up takes you through relaxation, breathing, vocal tone creation, vocal mask wake-up call, humming, scales and more.

Who: Perfect for classroom settings or karaoke classes. Recommended for all ages.


Teaching Singing with the Vocal Performance Power Pack

Vocal Performance Power Pack

What: Get the best price on singing lesson curriculums by purchasing the curriculums in this powerful training set.

Who: Most popular curriculum set for private lessons and voice class situations. Power Pack curriculum required in all SingSMART studios for students age 13 and up.



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