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The entire A2Z Smart Music Group Site Network is undergoing a major update and upgrade of singing and vocal training information.

The specific site you asked for isn't quite ready yet, but if you are looking to learn how to sing online or for some quality online singing lessons, check out the A2Z Smart Music Academy.

First, let us share that we believe in our training systems completely; but, we won't blow smoke your way and claim to be the "BEST" program around the world. Think about it...have coaches that make such a claim really reviewed every single program? Are they qualified to say theirs is the very best in the whole world? Big red flag for us and it should be for you too!

And we certainly won't charge you $200.00 an hour...more like $100 for a WHOLE YEAR of access to qualified training and training professionals (monthly registration available for about the same cost as a gourmet cup of coffee)! To us it is far more about YOU and YOUR VOICE and a lot less about hype or personal profit.


The SingSmart, Not Hard™ Vocal Training Method and built in process called "Ten Steps to Singing Success™" is VERY EFFECTIVE and there isn't anything else out there like it.

How do we know? Easy. Singers and teachers like you around the world have told us. Even better...we've heard the results. That makes our team here at A2Z Smart Music Group very happy. Sharing the joy of singing is really what is all about and helping you find your voice is of utmost importance to us.

And we can also tell you that when it comes to VOICE TRAINING,
A2Z has done it again!

We are happy to know that we held Amazon records for many years, that helped us know we were on the right track. And in 1999 we were excited to be the first to develop online lesson downloads for singing programs. We even brought coaches around the world on board, converting their vocal training courses to downloads, to help you get the training you needed...but that is old news. Everyone does downloads now.

So a few years ago we considered our initial mission (worldwide distribution of vocal educational content) reached: students around the world had easy access to vocal training from qualified sources. But, in all honesty, we still weren't entirely pleased with the results. Despite the creation of interactive softwares and unique training programs, we wanted something even easier, even more interactive...but JUST as affordable. So of course we went back to the drawing board. We can't wait to show you the crazy, yet very effective, ideas we came up with this time:

It's revolutionary, it's effective, it's affordable and it's even FUN!

We are still offering valuable organized information through our Online Web Campus, although the content and functions have expanded greatly. Thank you to all of our current students and peer teachers that assisted by offering valuable insight on some changes that would be helpful.

In addition to that, SingerCity and A2Z Smart Music Academy now offer REAL-TIME, INTERACTIVE VOCAL TRAINING.

A2Z Smart Music Academy and SingerCity Island

Have a question for our resident expert, Vocal Coach Yvonne DeBandi, BME? With this launch, you can simply log in and ask her yourself! In person...in REAL TIME! Want to hold a concert in Australia? We've got you covered. Want your family back home to be hear you sing a concert? We've got you covered. In addition to learning to sing at your very best, we also have resident experts on the A2Z Virtual Campus that will help you learn how to record your own demo, how to stream your concerts online like a radio, what equipment you need to perform and so much more.

Want to know more about learning to sing from A2Z?

Visit the A2Z Smart Music Academy and see what we can do for you. If you love to sing, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

See you on soon: either through the web on the A2Z Online Campus, or virtually in real-time on the A2Z Virtual Campus.

Learning to sing has never before been this much fun, this easy, or this affordable.

Still not sure? Check it out for only $1.00: Learn to Sing from A2Z.

Why $1 and not FREE? Truthfully, A2Z gives away a TON of stuff away for free...but we invest a lot of time in our singers and only want to work with those that really want to learn. We find that the singers willing to invest $1 in their voice (keep in mind that is $1 to access hundreds of dollars of valuable training) are the ones truly wanting to learn and worth our time investment. That's all. Show us you really want to learn to sing and we'll do whatever it takes from A2Z to help you find your voice.

Hope to SING with you SOON!

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Academy HelpDesk: http://a2z-smart-music.com/academy/helpdesk
(Please note the Academy HelpDesk is only available to registered students and mentoring SMART Teachers).