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If you are providing voice lessons, vocal coaching, choir practice or any other vocal activity involving teaching others to sing....are they really learning about their voice and how to sing? Or are they simply mimicking you?

Now it is possible to really teach others how to sing, not just imitate. If a student knows how their voice works, what to listen for and how to actively work towards making productive changes to their singing technique...then you have really done your job. Give the gift of music to your students by really helping them find their own voice and the knowledge to sing well forever.

Dear Singers, Teachers and Music Directors,

Being a vocal teacher in today's world is no easy task. Providing an educational balance between what singers need, what parents want and what the professional industry demands is quite a challenge. As a young teacher I found myself strapped for time as I created individual lesson plans for each student, created warm-up tapes to suit specific needs and even polishing my piano skills so that I could successfully accompany singers AND teach voice at the same time. Despite the love I had for what I was doing, I was frustrated. I believed that teaching voice, the language of self-esteem and confidence should be easier, more specific and more organized.

It was this mindset that led me to create the Sing Smart, Not Hard™ vocal training method and curriculums. My concentration was on specific details of HOW to sing, HOW to specifically use the voice as instrument and how to teach singers to APPLY this information to the song material and singing style of their choice. I personally tested the included analogies, methods and theories as a professional performer in the areas of jazz, rock, hard rock, diva ballads and country with great success. I have now been fortunate enough to witness how effective these programs are for just about every training situation: from students training on their own, from private lessons to guided choir classroom curriculums.

It is my goal to help put the power of effective teaching in your hands...no matter what your personal situation, whether you are teaching private lessons, performance classes or directing a choir...whether your age group is elementary school, middle school, high school, college, or varied such as a church choir, the SingSMART curriculums will provide the guidance and organization you need.

Above all, I encourage each and every one of you to teach your student singers to share themselves through sincere song performance. Don't just settle for good singing, help them strive to be a musician that breathes life into every tone.


Coach Yvonne


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